Mobile Applications

Ever wonder how to build a mobile app?

Today, nearly everyone in the United States owns a smart phone. They are in almost every pocket, traveling around with us as we move from place to place. Not only do they come along with us, but we rely on them for so many different activities it can become a bit scary. Smart phones are now used as cameras, 'to do' lists, music players, mobile books and also have the ability to update our profiles in real time on our favorite social networks. They have indeed become a part of our society!

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With new businesses popping up all the time it can become essential to design a mobile application that helps facilitate certain needs or services your business offers to those of us on the go. Companies are constantly competing harder and harder against one another to get ahead. With a mobile application that works on a smart phone you could finally get that edge that your business so badly needs.

The Creation Process

At 9 Gears Media we will help you create your companies very own mobile application to make sure that your services are met by the millions of potential customers.

1. Meeting
To begin we will set up a meeting and decide your needs. This part of the process is the most important and it is essential we understand what you want to get out of your mobile application.

2. Wire frames
The next part of the process is conceptualizing wire frames that will be used as the application's 'skeleton' or structure. These wire frames look much like simple black and white drawings and are used to decide real estate within your application and the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

3. Fleshing Out
Once the wire frames have been completed, we will begin to 'flesh-out' your design and bring it to life using vibrant colors and other effects. This part of the process is where your ideas soon take shape.

4. Coding
Then your application will be coded by a team of developers so that it works and functions the way it was intended to. This development stage will be the longest stage but easily the most important.

When all these stages have been completed you will have a mobile application that works great on a smart phone and the millions of potential customers will finally have access to your services. We create mobile apps for you!